Trump Hotels Is Investigating Claims That Hackers Stole Customers' Credit Card Data

Image: AP
Image: AP

GOP presidential candidate and sentient sac of millions of spiders Donald Trump—literally more spiders than you’ve ever seen—does not have a coherent stance on cybersecurity. In his business ventures, though, his cybersecurity record sucks. Trump has failed to encourage policies to prevent large-scale data breaches at the hotels that bear his name.

Krebs On Security is reporting that Trump Hotel Collection is currently dealing with a credit card data breach, and Trump Hotels confirmed that it is investigating claims of a data breach:

KrebsOnSecurity reached out to the Trump organization after hearing from three sources in the financial sector who said they’ve noticed a pattern of fraud on customer credit cards which suggests that hackers have breached credit card systems at some — if not all — of the Trump Hotel Collection properties.


I reached out to Trump Hotels for more details about the investigation. I’ll update if they respond.

If that sounds familiar, it’s probably because Trump Hotels admitted that it had been hacked for over a year in October 2015—customers from seven locations had credit card and banking information stolen between May 2014 and June 2015.

To be fair: Lots of hotels suck at keeping customers’ data safe. It’s not like Trump has been running around yelling MAKE ALL YOUR PASSWORDS 1234! and that’s why this is happening. But most hotels aren’t owned by or explicitly associated with Donald Trump—again, SO many spiders skittering every which way, all over, forever—and this continued failure to succeed in private-sector cybersecurity doesn’t bolster Trump’s claims that his business background gives him the right tools to fix the government.

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