Don't Chat With Your Victim's iChat Buddies After Stealing Their Laptop

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$30,000 worth of items were stolen from an East Hampton home, including a laptop. The thief (?) then logged into the original owner's iChat and video-chatted with one of his buddies, who snapped his picture. Sic 4chan on him.

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The funny thing about 4chan (and /b/ in particular) is, (sexuality aside) the collective conscience seems to have a fairly clearly defined set of moral values - one that is unaffected by social mores or pressure, but one that is heavily enforced nonetheless. Hurting animals is wrong (and you WILL get hunted down), but hurting other humans may or may not be - it depends on whether they had it coming or not. It takes a very Darwinian view on life.

Stuff like this is a good example; 4chan is going to hunt him down not necessarily because he stole, but because he was prideful and arrogant about it. "For the lulz" is a very broad statement.

Hanging out there for a while can turn into a very interesting study on humanity as a whole. It's life, uncensored. And, occasionally, hilarious. Just don't take anything personally.

And don't post pictures directly from facebook. That's a bad idea.