Don't Ride Through X-Ray Machines

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X-ray radiation can mutate cells and cause cancer, but that was a small risk for a commuter who didn’t want to part with her handbag at a southern China train station during the Lunar New Year.

An online video showing horrifying images of a skeleton wearing high heels on all fours riding a conveyer belt was shared by the China media site Pear Video, and aggregated by the state-run newspaper People’s Daily.

The image was reportedly from a security video captured on Sunday at the Dongguan Railway Station, showing a woman who wanted to personally escort her purse through the X-ray machine. The video also seemingly shows the woman emerging from the machine after her ride. She then checks her purse, grabs her suitcase, and continues her trip slightly more radiated than she was moments before.


The Lunar New Year is the busiest travel period in China. And, as Reuters and BBC mention in their reports on the incident, many migrant workers bring their yearly earnings back to their family when they return home on the holiday.


The People’s Daily warned commuters that riding the X-ray machines is forbidden and harmful.

But it does make for a very metal self-portrait.

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