Don't Strap a Fat Rabbit to Your New Drone (and Other FAA Tips)

The Federal Aviation Administration has an important message: Merry Christmas, don't fly your new drone like an idiot!


The agency partnered with aviation groups to release a video full of holiday safety tips for first-time fliers, which is basically a refresher of all the things you can do to get fined by the FAA, like flying a drone for money without a license, or flying something heavier than 55 pounds (the government administration uses the world's fattest bunny rabbit as an example of something too big too fly).

Unfortunately, the video doesn't offer up any tips on how to improve drone piloting skills, which means people taking their new gift out for a spin may find rules like "Don't fly your unmanned aircraft beyond line of sight" and "do fly your unmanned aircraft below 400 feet" difficult to follow if they can't control their contraption.


The video also doesn't offer much by way of insight into the FAA's potential plans to intensify drone regulations, though it does offer a chilling portrait of who the FAA imagines as a typical drone-as-gift recipient:

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Beginner drone this year, big boy next year. I live on a conservation lot full of bald eagles.