Don't Try to Get Someone to Kill Your Ex via Facebook

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There are plenty of great ways to murder someone. Poison in the champagne, ninja star, running them over with a tractor—but whatever you do, don't try to solicit a hitman with your Facebook status.

This is exactly what one Philly imbecile tried to do, proclaiming to Facebook "I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby father." I'm not sure what the going rate in Philadelphia is, but a stack sounds on the low end. But apparently it was enough for 18-year-old Timothy Bynum, who replied "say no more," "what he look like?" "where he be at," "need dat stack 1st," and "ima mop that bull."


But before the covert operation was executed, the target's son tipped off cops, who caught Bynum with a loaded gun. Now both he and his FB partner in crime are charged with some steep crimes.

The moral of the story: at least use a private message when you're plotting murder online. [ABC News via The Register]