Double Case Mod: Xbox 360 and HDTV Mashed Up

It's not often that a case mod involves modding two cases into one, but it's not often you get to see an Xbox 360 stuffed inside an LCD HDTV. PvP LostKnight has done just that to save space, creating what's perhaps the world's first Xbox console console. Not only does it work but it looks really nice, something I'd put in my living room without having to make excuses to my parents when they come to visit. And it's fully functional. [PSPMod]



He won't get a RROD if he was smart and replaced the stock fan in the 360 and added a few (silent) fans to his enclosure to keep good airflow. We can probably safely assume that he also did the clamp mod on his 360.

Besides, the RROD is fixable.