Download the New Firefox Beta That Doesn't Crash When Videos Do

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Mozilla's serving up a beta of Firefox Lorentz, a version of the browser that runs Flash, Quicktime, and Silverlight videos as a separate processes. If plug-in-caused crashes and stuttering YouTubes have you red in the face, Lorentz offers sweet relief.

I'm one of those people who has upwards of a dozen tabs open at all times, and consequently I've just come to accept that watching YouTubes in Firefox will be a lurching, lagging experience. But this morning I downloaded the Firefox Lorentz beta and was pleasantly surprised to find vastly improved video playback, even with a train of tabs open in the browser.

Firefox Lorentz runs Flash, Silverlight, and Quicktime videos as separate processes, like Google Chrome always has. If one of those plug-ins crashes, it gets its own, isolated error message instead of taking your whole browser down with it. It's available for PC, Mac, and Linux, though it's still in beta, so there's always the chance that some issues could creep up on you. Still, for the few hours I've used it, so far, so, so good. [Firefox Lorentz via Lifehacker]


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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I've been using Chrome exclusively for the last 6 months or so and I'm really liking it. I've found it to be a lot faster that Firefox in a lot of situations. I think Firefox and Chrome are about on the same level though and I could use either or and not really have many problems. Even IE 8 is catching up to the curve IMO.