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Doxie Scanner Uploads Straight to the Cloud

Illustration for article titled Doxie Scanner Uploads Straight to the Cloud

Clever, but not so sure about the hearts motif. This slimline little gidgit from Doxie scans your images straight into whatever Cloud you hang out on, as well as desktop apps, is PC/Mac Friendly and costs $129.


Available from February, and showcased on Thursday at CES, the Doxie does Google Docs, Evernote, Scribd, Backpack, and Flickr. There's also a Doxie Cloud PDF hosting service, which works with email, chat and Twitter.


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gunluva plays the hopscotch on the pro circuit

Pardon the massive off-topicness, but could somebody at Gawker please take care of these spambots? They started at Giz, selling handbags and whatnot, and have since spread out to the other Gawker sites. If someone could come up with some way of countering these spam accounts, I (and several others, I'm sure) would be much appreciative.