Dr. Horrible's Singalong Panel at Comic-Con: Yes There Will Be More Horrible

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Yes, we made it past the scary security guards and into the panel where Joss Whedon, creator of Dr. Horrible's Singalong Blog (and a little thing called Firefly), where Neil Patrck Harris is wielding his Freeze Ray and Nathan Fillion is attacking him already. Liveblogging as we go! Big news: YES there will be more Dr. Horrible! Also, at the end, we got all the details on the DVD version of Dr. Horrible, plus the cool video contest for people who want to join the Evil League of Evil. Click below.


Whedon confesses he wants to give Doctor Who showrunner Russel T. Davies "a big wet sloppy."

Somebody asks about whether Whedon ever wants to do happy endings. Felicia Day, who played Penny, says she was happy that she died in Dr. Horrible. Whedon says he likes happy endings, and says he's had a bunch of them in his work but he doesn't remember any right now.

What did it mean that Dr. Horrible changed his costume? Harris says that he was gutted and facing harsh reality of what had just taken place. Fillion suggests that Dr. Horrible got what he wanted and Billy lost everything.

Would Whedon do online episodes set in the Firefly 'verse again? Yes, says Whedon . . . it would make dozens and dozens of dollars. Fillion notes that it would be great because Whedon has already killed off all the characters he doesn't like working with. And he put on a cute Captain Mal accent for us. Nice.

Then Fillion treats us by saying, "The hammer . . . it's my penis." Later, he says, "It even shakes like a hammer."

Has Whedon ever killed a character by accident? He says yes, some have left and been unavailable so he killed them without wanting to.


A fan asks how would Dr. Horrible end or continue. Whedon says there WILL be another part to Dr. Horrible. Wow, big news. Exciting. They won't tell us what it will be like.

Harris says Doogie Howser was "the heroin years."

Is Whedon disappointed by having all his shows canceled? He says he gets nervous, but that he's wiser and balder since Firefly. He says and if we don't get episodes out, "I can make stuff on the internet now." As he speaks, a person comes up on stage and takes pictures of his bald spot.


As for the future of Whedon production? He's clearly very into the Web as an alternative. He said, "Things are changing, and Dr. Horrible is about that putting power in different hands . . . the wrong hands."

A crucial question: Who came up with the "shoulder dance" where Billy kind of shakes it up during the Freeze Ray song. Harris came up with it, he says, as an "MTV Cribs style thing."


Harris says that being Billy and Dr. Horrible is like being in Whedon's mind — "and watching Joss cackling over it fifteen feet away." Whedon says it's not just is mind, it's the hive mind he shares with his siblings and co-creators of Dr. Horrible, Jed, Zack, and Maurissa.

Fillion says Day combines "geeky with sexy hot." Basically, he's a giant goof.

Ah, Moist has joined the crew on stage. Yay for Moist.

Audience member asks whether Xander was ever supposed to come out as gay. Whedon laughed, then replied: "I have two tricks — you're out or you're dead. You're out or you're out." With Willow, he says did that because of the sudden disappearance of Oz (who Whedon says will return in the comic), and they said how can they follow Oz. Then they said this could be an interesting dynamic, oh wow now it's actually a beautiful romance. Whedon says maybe the most beautiful romance ever.


Fillion asks how many people are wearing Captain Hammer shirts, vs. Dr. Horrible shirts. More cheers for Dr. Horrible, I have to say. Which is like, well duh. Sorry, Nathan, we love you, but Captain Hammer is a butt.

Whedon comments on the Buffy singalongs. He says "Shut Up Dawn" is just a mean song, and he's in favor of Dawn. Tonight, he says come to the Dr. Horrible singalong, a "feelbadforlong."


Zack says that Joss wrote the last, sad songs in the final episode of Dr. Horrible.

We just got the weirdest question from the audience ever. It was about whether there would be some Harris in the third Harold and Kumar film, but he also added in something about how Harris should star, and it should be about mushrooms or something. Whoa. Fillion says, "You could star in a movie and I could be your best pal."


What are everybody's favorite musicals on the panel? They all get excited and start answering. You can tell that their picks all influenced Dr. Horrible. They include: Into the Woods, Sweeney Todd (Whedon), Little Shop of Horrors (Fillion), South Park, Singing in the Rain (Whedon), Les Miserables, Rent (Harris).

Fillion is posing and doing Captain Hammer faces as Whedon grabs him lovingly.

A fan asks whether Hammer really is a dick. But Whedon says Fillion is one of the kindest people he's ever known. He's also, "the smarmiest motherfucker I've ever known. Shatner, your time is done." Fillion is laughing.


Jed announces the Hammer DVD. He says they'll do some new things: "Commentary the Musical." He says if you haven't heard of this, you'll find out. They're also going to have a contest. They'll take video submissions for the Evil League of Evil. 3 minutes, like you're applying to be on Survivor. 10 best on DVD. We'll do that after soundtrack and t-shirts.

Soundtrack will be available for download in a couple of weeks says Whedon.

Fillion says if you guys remember NPH ("If you're tight you call him MPH.") — he uses an iphone to control the the van in the second episode. Fillion's friend designed that software. And you can get it! It's here.


And that's it. No singing. Yay Whedon!!!! Image via ekai.

I love these Captain Hammers and Dr. Horribles who were posing outside the panel.




Ask where I can get those sweet Dr. Horrible lab coat/goggles.