Dr. Jack Knows The End of Lost, But Won't Tell

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Calling all Lost conspiracy theorists: Is it meaningful that Matthew Fox - the show's moral center/charisma black hole, Dr. Jack Shepherd - says that he's the only actor who knows how the series will end, or is his suspicious claim just another sign of the seeming delusion that also has him thinking that his Speed Racer outfit makes him both sexier to his wife and cooler to his kids? Really vague spoilers under the jump.


Talking about his secret knowledge of the end of television's most Kurt Vonnegut-influenced island-set show, Fox revealed why he's probably hated by his fellow castaways:

They understand I can't talk about it, but sometimes they'll ask hoping I'll just blurt it out. Besides, having a secret is fun.

And now we know why Matthew won't be invited to many parties anytime soon: "I know how the show ends, but you don't. Nyah nyah nyah. Having a secret is fun!" Thankfully, he was less of a douchebag when talking about what's happening in the more immediate future of the show:

We're going to catch up with the flash forwards this year and then it's going to be really interesting to see how time is structured in season five. But we will have closed on two points - the finale of last year where you had that juxtaposition of Jack on the island feeling like he'd finally accomplished a rescue, and this future where he's desperate and at the pit of despair and he feels like he has to go back. We will eventually be back in the present.

(Josh Holloway's also talking up Thursday's season finale: "It's kind of violent... There's definitely a body count going on. And there's a moment where a big decision has to go down," he says here.)

Fox also couldn't help but accidentally raise some strange family dynamic when talking about his Racer X outfit from Annalee's favorite summer bomb, Speed Racer:

It's pretty sexy. I think my wife thought so! The minute the mask dropped over my face people would change around me. It's amazing because they can't see your eyes and you can really manipulate that. You can mess with them in a big way... [My sons] thought it was cool. They were sitting on the set, which was huge and I'll never forget their faces when I walked in wearing the full gear. They both turned and did this double-take and went: 'Daddy?' So I'm like, 'Yeah it's me, don't worry, it's just me.' When I walked on set to do a scene, my little boy turned to my wife, and said: 'I want to be Racer X for Halloween next year.'


I'd love to know what his wife said at that moment. "No, honey. Daddy's sexy leather suit is only for grown-up time." And then she made an Eartha Kitt-esque growl, while the child felt an unusual but pleasant feeling in his pants. But now you know the truth about Matthew Fox: Children want to be him, woman want to be with him. If they're already married to him.

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Seroiusly... I love io9, but the near-pedophiliac comment at the end there left me a little sick. How about sticking to talking about sci-fi and keeping your suck little fantasies confined to your "me time"?