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Can't seem to make your dreams work for you? If you're thinking Jessica Simpson before you pass out, but keep coming up with Joan Rivers, the new Dream Workshop (cleverly, and not surprisingly invented by the Japanese) could be your best friend. It's a device being marketed to "control your dreams" using sight and smell. Just put an image of something you'd like to dream about on the screen, insert a specific fragrance into the dispenser and pick some background music from the database. Then, and this is where it gets superweird, you have to think hard about what that image and record some sort of a statement, like "Help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope." After you fall asleep, the Dream Workshop will play your chosen music and recorded phrase and release the fragrance for eight hours. It will then wake you up with soft music and light. And if you're still plagued with Joan Rivers, it's obviously your own damn fault (pervert).

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