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Dream Sequences: 1920s Thru 1970s

We may earn a commission from links on this page.


This whole movie is ultra-dreamlike, but there's a whole stretch where he falls asleep staring at the radiator, and there's a tiny singing woman inside.

Doctor Who, "The Time Monster" Part 1

Stock footage of eruptions! Battle axes! Glowing crystals! It's all a warning that the 1970s' greatest Doctor Who villain is back in town. If you watch carefully, lightning flashes just around the Master's crotch as he says "Meet your new Master!"


Nightmare On Elm Street

The all-time classic slasher dream...that turns out to be not quite such a dream.


Solaris director Tarkovsky returns with this utterly bizarre moment.

The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies

One of the loopiest dream sequences of all time — totally dementoid.

Fahrenheit 451

Another great 1960s dream sequence: the train tracks whiz overhead, and the woman looks like an evil mannequin. Awesome.


Thunderbirds Are Go!

This is just the second half of the loopy dream from the original T-birds movie. Lady Penelope takes him up in her flying car to a space nightclub, near Mars, and they get seranaded by puppet Cliff Richards. But then duty calls...


Still the all-time classic. Now that there's a robot woman, we're seeing all sorts of scary imagery of flashes and falling and terror.


Metropolis, again.

And the dream sequence eventually leads to this sexy dance, for a roomfull of leering men.