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Dream Sequences: 1980s

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Night Of The Comet

This is that rare example of a dream inside a dream: she wakes up, but then it turns out she's still dreaming. Whoa.


Another all-time classic, and a great fake-out.


Just one of many amazing dreams in this breathtaking film.

An American Werewolf In London

Somebody please explain to me why "Nazi zombies" has become a genre, but "Nazi werewolves with Uzis" has remained so cruelly neglected.


Earth Girls Are Easy

She's just slept with the alien Jeff Goldblum, and she's having a bit of extraterrestrial sex panic. Perfectly normal.



More David Lynch insanity, this time with smoking face scrapes and cackling Sting.

Blade Runner

The famous "forest unicorn" dream, which had to be cut from the theatrical release.



Sorry about this one. The alien who lives among us is going through a Gilligan's Island phase, so he dreams that he actually lands up on the island and meets the Skipper. And Gilligan.


Dreamscape. Dennis Quaid walks into someone's dreams of walking in on his wife having sex. With everybody. (Clip may be slightly NSFW.)

The Fly

Geena Davis gives birth to a giant maggot, in a scene that manages to up this movie's already considerable WTF quotient.