DreamWorks introduces its new alien characters in a short prequel film

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The upcoming animated film Home is about a group of alien refugees who conquer the Earth. Instead of meeting them and their Steve Martin-voice captain through a trailer, we get a short film about their difficulty in finding a planet to inhabit.

Have you ever wondered what aliens go through before the decide to up and invade Earth? Almost Home gives a taste of the perilous journey of the alien Boovs. Fortunately, the short doesn't lean entirely on Martin's grandiose Captain Smek, instead through a good amount of scifi wackiness our way.

Home, which is due out on November 26th, is based on The True Meaning of Smekday by Adam Rex. Here is the synopsis from Wikipedia:

An overly optimistic, yet inept, alien race named Boov, led by Captain Smek, invades Earth to hide from their mortal enemy and make it a new home. Convinced they are doing a favour, they begin to relocate the human race,but one resourceful girl, Tip, manages to avoid capture. When on the run, she is accompanied by a banished Boov, named Oh, who has accidentally notified the enemies of his whereabouts.


In addition to Martin, the Home feature film will also star Rihanna as Tip, Jim Parsons as Oh, and Jennifer Lopez as Tip's mother, and it is directed by Tim Johnson, who also directed Antz and Over the Hedge.

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