Drive Awake iOS App Can Tell When You're Drowsy, Directs You to Coffee

Is there anything wrong with a chain of coffee shops trying to drum up a little extra business while they're ensuring drowsy drivers don't end up swerving off the road? Thailand-base Cafe Amazon certainly hopes not. Working with BBDO Proximity, the chain created an iPhone app that monitors drivers for signs of sleepiness, and when it catches them nodding off, it directs them to the closest Cafe Amazon store for a hit of caffeine.


The app works by constantly monitoring a driver's eyes and head motions for signs of drowsiness, so it needs to be mounted to a vehicle's windshield with a clear view of their face. Not entirely convenient, but you probably won't be so picky if it ends up saving your life.

When the app determines the driver is so tired there's a risk of an accident, an incredibly annoying screeching parrot sound effect is played at top volume, followed by directions to a hot mug of joe. Now if only there were an app that did the same for squirming kids in the back seat in desperate need of a washroom.

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Hopefully said screeching parrot sound doesn't scare the crap out of you, thereby causing you to drive off the road at high speed. LOL