Droid Commercial Paints iPhone as "Digitally Clueless Beauty Pageant Queen"

Ohhh shit, y'all. This is getting dirty. Motorola/Verizon's newest Droid ad not only depicts the iPhone as a tiara-wearing, Sandra-Bullock-worshipping Barbie doll, it actually shows a clearly identifiable iPhone. It's both inflammatory and in your face. Right up in it!


I have a Droid, and like it a lot, but I'm a little concerned that these ads are alienating buyers by making the phone seem a lot more complex and threatening than it really is. To a first-time buyer, smartphones are a pretty intimidating purchase, and while I understand the impulse to differentiate the Droid from the cute-as-a-button, simple-as-can-be iPhone commercials, the Droid commercials may be going too far in the opposite direction with the whole DROID SMASH aesthetic. But that's just me, and, well, I bought one anyway—what do you guys think? [YouTube]


Burton Posey

This just seems like a smear campaign supporting a phone that wants to be a hardcore phone but at the same time wants to have wide range appeal.

I think they got started on the wrong foot with their marketing campaign. It's coming off like the marketing for the 32x or SegaCD.

I wish they would show us why the phone is better than others. It seems simple to me, but I know other people would say "this is how they do it".