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Droid X NY Times Ad Sneaks In iPhone 4 Jab

Illustration for article titled Droid X iNY Times/i Ad Sneaks In iPhone 4 Jab

Release the hounds! First Nokia writes a post about how holdable its phones are, and now Motorola's touting that Droid X "allows you to hold the phone any way you like." In this full-page NY Times ad, no less.


The iPhone 4's antenna issues have been widely cataloged and acknowledged by Apple. On the one hand, Apple can see this as a compliment: they wouldn't be getting picked on if they didn't have the dominant product in the market right now. On the other hand: zing! [The Next Web]


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Even funnier, Apple isn't running a full page ad in the NY Times and will still outsell this phone by millions.

On a side note, has anyone had any luck with the SIM card fix posted on Mac Rumors today? I'm surprised giz hasn't posted anything about this yet as they have been very diligent about posting anything related to the reception issue.