Unless you turned your daughter's room into a nuclear reactor after she went off to college, you're probably stuck paying the exorbitant market price for plutonium. It's obscene, but the folks at Diamond Select Toys might have a solution. For $400 they'll sell you a Mr. Fusion unit, just like the one used to power the time machine in the Back to the Future movies, solving all of your energy needs.

It's important to note, that the folks at Diamond Select Toys, well known for detailed movie prop replicas, may not have actually created a compact working fusion reactor. Although this unit does light up, complete with sound effects, you probably shouldn't rely on it if you're a time traveler from the future who's been stranded in 2014. But since this Mr. Fusion won't be available until March of next year, we'll have to wait until then to check the fine print. [Diamond Select Toys via Entertainment Earth]