Dry Erase Markers in a Can Let You Vandalize White Boards With Abandon

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Following up on the harmless chalk markers from yesterday, here's another way to get your vandalism fix if you're an upstanding citizen who doesn't like to break the law. This spraycan is filled with dry erase paint that works just like the ink in a dry erase marker so you can tag to your heart's content, and then just wipe it all away with a paper towel.

But just like with dry erase markers, this $10 D.E.P. Spray is only easy to clean when used on certain surfaces. As long as you stick to smooth surfaces like glass and white boards it will effortlessly wipe off afterwards. But get any of this on a concrete wall or other porous surfaces and you're officially a vandal as far as the law's concerned. [D.E.P. Spray via OhGizmo!]