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Duct Tape Wallet Kit

Illustration for article titled Duct Tape Wallet Kit

If following simple directions online in order to make a duct tape wallet is somehow too sophisticated for you, take a look at this Duct Tape Wallet Kit. myDuctBills shows you with a printed manual (complete with pictures!) how to make a wallet out of duct tape, and even gives you all the materials you need. Yes, materials such as duct tape.


The kit also comes with three bits of colored tape in order to stylize your end product, because really, people with duct tape wallets care loads about how their wallets look.

Product Page [My Duct Bills via Oh Gizmo]

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So wait... people need instructions to figure out that a wallet is really just two strips of anything, sewn togther on three sides??? And that to cover up the stickiness of tape you just need to tape the sticky parts together... wow. I should write books.