Dude Legally Renames Himself Megatron

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This is Seattle man Jason Megatron Burrows. He used to be known as Jason Michael Burrows, but on July 2, Jason went to the courthouse and stood before the judge, who "ordered and decreed" he change his name to honor his childhood hero, Megatron, thus joining Gizmodo's other friend Optimus Prime in the pantheon of crazy-ass Transformer fans.


Then it was my turn... I walked to the front, where she had me raise my right hand to swear that I would tell the truth, whole truth & nothing but the truth. She asked if my name change was to defraud creditors, I said no. She asked if it would be detrimental to anyone else, I said no. She Then asked if I was indeed changing my middle name to that of my childhood hero, I smiled & said "Yes Ma'am." She said, "Then I do order & decree that your name be changed from Jason Michael Burrows to Jason Megatron Burrows" with a HUGE grin. There were quite a few chuckles from the courtroom... I was handed the paperwork & I split. =)

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My favorite show when I was little was Thundercats, but for some reason, I don't think the middle name "Snarf" would be nearly as cool.

Now that I think about it, I would probably be mad of my 5 year old son grew up to change his middle name to "Pikachu".

I can just imagine the judge saying to my son, "What would you like to change your name to?" and him yelling, "Pikachu, I choose you!"