Dude Takes a Tennis Ball to the Crotch at 50MPH for 'Science'

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This poor bastard signed up as a volunteer for this "science" show and ended up having to stand with his junk in front of a tennis ball machine. The test? To see what happens to your body during a solid strike to the ol' hangin' brains.

Shockingly, his pulse rate went up a lot. That's about all the science they had the budget for, apparently, as they spent all the rest of their money on the hilarious ball-on-ball CGI animation and showing the poor idiot taking the shot about 25 times from different angles. This is reality TV at its best, folks: trying to justify intentionally nailing a guy in the balls with science and then forgetting to, you know, do anything scientific. [Glumbert]

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I laughed so hard at the multiple shot replays that I had tears...then I read the comments and kept on crying. Even better video would be of mens faces as they WATCH this video: massive cringe.