Dueling Draculas and Heroes Revealed In This Week's Comics

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Alien invasions, competing vampires and robots that are more than meets the eye are all populating the comics that'll be making their way to your local shelves tomorrow. What else do you need to know?


Well, I guess I could tell you more... For one thing, this is the week where we find out who the new Batman is (Clue: It's exactly who you think it is) in Batman: Battle For The Cowl #3 (Another hero identity revelation can be found in Marvel's Who Is The Black Panther? collection).

It's also the week where Garth Ennis' The Boys spins out a new series, Herogasm, parodying superhero excess, just as Marvel's Captain America reaches its 50th issue with the start of a storyline apparently as shocking as Cap's assassination.

Shying away from similar controversies, DC looks to the stars for Rann/Thanagar: Holy War, the first (of two) collections of their cosmic jihad storyline, just as Marvel's Planet Skaar Prologue and Ultimate Galactus Trilogy demonstrate more traditional approaches to intergalactic invasions. Also traditional and from Marvel, X-Men Forever: Alpha reprints Chris Claremont and Jim Lee's swansong together ahead of the upcoming series set in that continuity, providing the most old-fashioned book available this week... Well, apart (perhaps) from Batman: Mad Love And Other Stories, a hardcover collecting all of Paul Dini and Bruce Timm's joint comic work.

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You don't want to know about all of that, though; you want to know about IDW's Transformers extravaganza that sees two movie prequel collections (Alliance and Defiance) as well as the collection of Revenge Of The Fallen: Movie Adaptation and the first issue of the serialization, as well.

How could you ask for more... and even if you did, what would you ask for?

Perhaps Dracula, who gets two books to himself this week, both adapting Bram Stoker's original novel - Ben Templesmith's Dracula presents the original text with new illustrations from the Australian wunderkind, while The Complete Dracula sees the book (complete with "missing" chapters) adapted into traditional comic form over five issues. Why not take a bite out of both, to compare?


Whether it's giant robots or bloodsucking vampires, your local comic store should be able to crave your particular desires. And once you've run down the complete shipping list for the week, you'll have a better idea of what kind of fangs... I mean things are yours for the taking.



Dracula sucks.