A locally owned DVD store named Video Hits in Wylie Texas has successfully sought to heavily fine and/or arrest customers that are delinquent in their returns.

According to the Video Hits rental agreement, if a movie is not returned within seven days of the due date, the customer will be charged the full retail price for the DVD along with all late fees. For those who failed to pay, the owner filed paperwork with the justice of the peace to have some customers arrested for theft of services. According to Texas law, this is an appropriate course of action so long as the proprietor of the business sends a certified letter to the customer and gives them 10 days to return the movie.


In the end, some customers paid fines of up to $870 while others were arrested by the constable. While I understand that this guy has a right to protect his business, I can't help but wonder how he is still in business in the first place. Needless to say, the folks in Wylie Texas need to look into this little thing called Netflix. [Dallasnews]

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