Dvorak's Love Note to the Wii Inspired By College Bowling

Did you know John Dvorak of PC Mag (and crankygeeks) loves PC FPS games and dislikes regular console games? Oh yes. It wasn't until Nintendo's Wii came out that he was convinced to give console gaming another shot. The reason, surprisingly enough, was the Wii Sports Bowling.


Dvorak was on the varsity bowling team at Berkeley (they disbanded by the time I got there, fifty years later) and enjoys Wii sports for its realism. You wouldn't think that a bowling game with cartoonish Miis would have realism, but Dvorak attests to it.

In the end, he says the novel control scheme will be enough to make Wii a revolution. We just hope he takes care of that sore shoulder by the time we're on his show next.


Ode to the Wii [PC Mag]

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Inigo Montoya

I have no respect for Dvorak.

I read his book back in 1993/1994 called "Dvorak Predicts." The best part about his book is without a doubt he was 100% wrong on every single one of his predictions. In fact he was so wrong, it was funny.

I remember how he was so sure that the RISC PowerPC would destroy Intel and OS/2 would rule the world.