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James Dyson wants everything in your kitchen to be square because it saves space. In fact, this eureka moment was so profound that he wants to patent the idea of kitchen squareness.

Their answer, given in patent filing US 2009/0095729, is a simple one: make all free-standing gadgets like kettles, toasters, juicers and food mixers in the shape of tall cuboids that can easily be pushed together on a worktop, with no wasted space between them. As the controls could be recessed in their flat lids or on the front panels, no space-wasting side access is required. The patent also suggests connecting the appliances together—presumably using a common power supply.


You know what this means right? Bedroom, office, living room and dining room squareness are still wide open. I'm calling dibs bitches! [Patent via New Scientist via Boing Boing and Fast Company]

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