Dyson's CR01 Contrarotating Double-Drum Washing Machine

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Dyson, masters of the cyclonic vacuum cleaners are taking on the task of washing out your dirty laundry. The contrarotating, or rotating in an opposite manner, design uses two drums to get clothes cleaner, by "flexing" fabrics more. Sounds like its rough on the delicates, but we're not laundry men, so what do we know?

The drums have about 5,000 perforations, while most have about a 1,000, presumably to get better water flow during a cycle. And the front door is made from polycarbonate plastic, hard and light enough to be used in riot gear shields. There's also a pull out handle for moving it around. Which is cool, but really useless at the same time. Who moves a washer? Never mind the gripes, though. We just like it because its freaking purple.


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