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Seiko is going ultra-tech with this awesomely rad new watch made from e-paper. If you want one, though, you'd better show up with a baseball bat, crowbar, or something to wield off John Biggs other watch fiends, because only 500 are being produced. Yes, 500. It's being done on purpose to generate hype around these new ultra-tech watches, and Seiko thinks we're gonna fall for it. So what's so great about this watch, anyway?:

"The braclet-wristwatch features a thin, bendable e-paper trimmed in stainless steel which makes it a high-tech accessory without the geeky look. A black-and-white pattern of stripes on the watch changes every hour."


Ok...I ah....have to see a man about a baseball bat and over to Japan.

Bendable e-paper watch [Popgadget]

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