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E-TEN has announced the G500, a Windows Mobile 5 smartphone with a built-in GPS receiver that foregoes any external antenna. Using a quad-band GSM radio—which means it should work just about everywhere in the world—the G500 also supports Traffic Message Channel (TMC), a service that allows updates regarding traffic congestion to be broadcast to the device so that you could route around the snarls. Unfortunately, we don't know of a TMC service in the US that doesn't need an FM or satellite radio receiver, so we doubt this service would work in the States (but congratulations to the rest of the GSM world).


E-TEN says to expect the G500 in all markets this month for an as-yet-unannounced price. The last of high-speed connectivity options will lessen its gleam for some, but for many the good-sized, 2.8-inch display and built-in GPS functions will let it kill two birds with one Tron-like stone.

Download Press Release [450K PDF]

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