E3 Coverage Roundup: It's In the Posts

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E3's over, but that doesn't mean you've seen every bit of information that came out of the event. Oh no. Here's every single thing that came out of E3, starting with the liveblogs of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. What did Penny Arcade think of the event? Well, they weren't all too impressed with the big three's offerings. That might be a little harsh, but yeah, we could see that. Make the jump to decide for yourself.






How your current themes will look on the Xbox 360

Why Microsoft made a new Xbox Experience

Netflix on Xbox 360!

You can play games directly off the Xbox's hard drive

Xbox 360 is getting Avatars

Newly colored Xbox 360 controllers


Sony knows what went wrong with the PS3's development

How Sony being cheap hurts the PS3

The PlayStation video store is open

The PS3 80GB model gets a $399 price tag in September

PSN gets a simple sign-on

PS2 gets a LEGO Batman bundle



Hands-on With the Wii MotionPlus

Wii Sports Resort gets a price

The Wii ain't so cheap

The Wii finally gets a mic



Rock Band 2's Instruments look great

EA upgrades its iPhone games

The DS is not as strong as the iPhone

The Dreamcast IS as strong as the iPhone

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on iPhone

The official Rock Band 2 track list


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