Early Adopters Always Win

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Click to viewThis hilarious animated sketch has the final word: it never pays to be a late adopter. Not ten thousand years ago, and not ten thousand years from now.


From the mind and art of Dan Meth, this single-handedly validates every regrettable ahead-of-the-curve purchase I've ever made. At least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself. Over and over and over again. [College Humor]

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Being someone who bought a refurbed Kindle 2 in July for the price of a WiFi Kindle 3, I have to disagree. Those poor bastards who bought before me got screwed royally. The people that bought after me got a slightly better Kindle in terms of contrast, but don't have the ability to download books anywhere they can get Sprint service. The trick is you don't buy too early, and you don't buy too late.