Early Morning Intern Needed

We are looking for an early morning intern, which means someone from Europe or Asia. This is not a writer's job, although super-interns may eventually become Giz writers, if they are good. Read on for the job description and the requirements:

Job description
• Spot stories. Get up in your morning time and start going through sites all over the world to get content that can fit Gizmodo. That means only the latest and the best stories, not old stuff.
• Prepare galleries for posting.
• Prepare videos for posting.
• If you are good, and you can write, you would eventually start to become a Gizmodo writer.


• Live in Asia or Europe (we need someone to start working at 2 a.m. US East Coast time, which is 7 a.m. GMT.)
• Hard, constant worker.
• Understands English. Other languages a plus.
• Has basic HTML knowledge.
• Experience with Flickr and tags.
• Experience with ripping software.
• Love the Giz, love gadgets.

Send your resume (just text in the mail, no attachments) to tips at gizmodo.com, and tell us why you think you could be the best person for the position.

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