Earth Electric Utility Vehicle Should Be The New ATV

The Model One ATV is an electric, all terrain vehicle outed as the the world's first "Earth Utility Vehicle." A creation of Barefoot Motors, the Model One has Mythbuster legend Jamie Hyneman as design engineer. Their goal was to create a vehicle designed to work in nature that would be eco-friendly while still providing needed power. This is their first model, with a lithium battery-powered electric motor, is equipped with both high and low gears, all wheel drive, regenerative braking and 1000 lbs of towing capacity. It has all the power of a standard ATV, but with zero emissions. The Model One ATV could be the future of ATVs, and being all electric, it's logical too. [Barefoot Motors]

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And you guys think that production of ethanol comes for free? Just imagine the amount of land you need to use to substitute the amount of fossil fuel we are using now. In the end, we'll just end up at another dilemma. Plus, the crops don't just grow and harvest themselves. Then imagine the transport of this fuel to your local gas station. The fact is that the net emission of greenhouse gases from corn to tailpipe is no better than the oil we are using now. Of course, the automakers don't really mind producing cars running on ethanol. In fact they love it. They just love having you maintain your car so often due to the corrosiveness of that stuff. Oh btw, production of those spare parts also do come at a cost.

Current world's population is only going one direction right now: up. As population goes up, more people are going to need transport. It's pretty obvious that there are more cars put out on the street than there are put out of commission; just look at the traffic in L.A. from 20 years ago and now. Now I understand that ethanol is a lot cleaner than fossil fuel but let's face it: it's not 100% C02 free. You still have that number multiplying by the amount of cars put into the street. And now that we know that production of ethanol isn't exactly pollution free either... what's the point again?

Electric generators: Which would you rather have: millions of gas emitting mobile generators or a single, controllable stationary gas emitting generator? Do we all really need to pay that extra cash to get our cars Smog checked every year and make sure that everybody does it? Or do we just require one plant to meet emission standards? Which is better: having several trucks deliver fuel to stations around the globe? or having the power sent straight to our home through wires?

Batteries: When was the last time you heard a person using an iPhone that is attached to a 20lb lead acid attached to their backs? Come on guys, I thought Giz readers here are keeping up with battery technology. Did you guys forget about the solid-state ultracapacitors already? Do you now see the trend of new batteries? I'll give you a hint: That person is not carrying a 20lb lead acid on his back to power his iPhone. When was the last time you heard you got the same amount of power from baby corns? (Although, I do love baby corn.)

Internal combustion is dead end.