Easily Tame Unwieldy Eyebrows With This Awkward Trimming Guide

They say sometimes the cure is worse than the disease, so maybe just living with bushy out of control eyebrows is a better alternative than this trimming guide face mask? It claims to give you perfectly shaped eyebrows, but at what cost?

You'll look like an overly-obsessed primper while you hold the guide to you face with one hand, and attempt to shave, trim, or pluck your eyebrows into submission with the other. But the $32 guide isn't adjustable, so it's making the assumption that everyone wants their eyebrows shaped the same way. What if you like to walk around with angry eyebrows all day? Apparently that's not acceptable to these purveyors of primness. You either tow the eyebrow line, or be mocked for looking like an unmanscaped freak.


[Japan Trend Shop]

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