Easily Update Ancient Stereos With ION Audio's Bluetooth Cassette

Illustration for article titled Easily Update Ancient Stereos With ION Audio's Bluetooth Cassette

You may have convinced your parents to upgrade to a smartphone or a tablet, but that monstrous ancient stereo system in their living room that served them well in the 1980s isn't going anywhere. Thankfully, ION Audio's new Cassette Adapter Bluetooth is a ridiculously easy way to get their old and modern technology to play nice together.


It's all but guaranteed that your parents know how to use an audio cassette, and that's about as difficult as this rechargeable wireless adapter gets. The Bluetooth receiver automatically turns on when it's inserted into a boombox or a car's outdated stereo, and then switches itself off when it's ejected. And while availability and pricing haven't been revealed yet, it's safe to assume this adapter will be a lot cheaper than replacing your parent's beloved sound system. [ION Audio]


Zorin the Lynx

They need to make one of these that has a small dynamo inside so that it's powered by the cassette deck's motor. No batteries, no fuss, just the rotation of the capstan and take up reels should be able to provide enough power.

That, plus a supercap to memorize settings between power-ons, and you got a killer product. :)