Ecko Star Wars Watches, If You're Not Fett Up Yet

We can only imagine how much money there is to be made on a $100 geek hoodies, which probably why Marc Ecko, teamed with Timex, is looking to release a line of Star Wars watches next.


From the Eck-man himself:

These are some teasers of my new watch collection. The range is inspired by Star Wars. A mixture of metals, rubbers and nylons. My amazing partners at Timex- completely rocked these. Yes...they feature "indiglo"...sounds...and other technologies. From Boba to R2...Stormtroopers to Vader...

There's no pricing information at the moment, but the Timex/Ecko mashups will be around this holiday season. You know, so you can buy them and stuff. [Ecko via aBlogtoRead via OhGizmo!]

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