Edgar Wright's Swiftly Deleted Comment On His Ant-Man Departure

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Ant-Man director Edgar Wright broke his silence on his split with Marvel — although very briefly. He posted this picture with the message "selfie", and almost immediately deleted it. Of course, the internet is forever, and the pic was caught — and it's a subtle but definite rebuke to Marvel.


For those of you who don't recognize him, this picture is of silent film comedian Buster Keaton, holding Wright's iconic Cornetto ice cream cone. The relevance is almost certainly this: Keaton was head of his own independent production company in the 1920s, and made some of the most acclaimed comedy movies of all time as writer, director and actor. He famously signed away his independence to MGM in 1928, which took control of his scripts, wouldn't let him do his own stunts, and more. The deal not only affected the quality of Keaton's films, but his happiness as well — he famously called his decision the worst mistake he'd ever made.

Now it's possible that Wright was merely using a picture of the famously stone-faced Keaton to show his sadness that things didn't work between him and Marvel. But if that were the case, why would Wright decide to delete it? Especially so quickly? I think it's pretty clear that Wright sees himself as Keaton in this scenario, and Marvel is the evil studio who wanted to homogenize him and his work. Wright got out, but he's clearly pissed off at Marvel — pissed enough to post this pic, even if it was just for a moment.

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I agree with Alexander Robles - he could have simply commented on his sadness, and then realized it could be wrongly interpreted.

But why is it that every time someone in the know comment on this - Gunn, Whedon, Wright - you are quick to dismiss their sincerity and offer your belief that they are all hiding something? Are you that invested in Marvel being evil? Because I see a real pattern of you trying to find the worse interpretation possible for this event, and it smells iffy to me.