Edible Wrappers Just Solved the Only Bad Thing About Cupcakes

Cupcakes could quite possibly be one of the world's most perfect foods—a tiny cake, just for you!—were it not for those annoying wrappers you have to peel away. But thanks to Dr. Oetker, those are now edible too.

There's no proof that the genius behind these edible cupcake wrappers is even an actual accredited doctor, but who cares? Made from a crispy wafer-like food material, these wrappers are bake stable, so not only will they survive a run through a hot oven, you also don't need to use a cupcake tray for support. That alone is a big selling feature.


The edible wrappers are also gluten free, so those jumping on the bandwagon or who actually suffer from Celiac disease can enjoy them. A pack of six will set you back just over four bucks, so they're obviously more expensive than paper wrappers. But while you can actually eat the paper versions (who hasn't accidentally, in a frosting frenzy?) these sound slightly more appetizing. [Dr. Oetker via PSFK via Yebaa]

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