Eintech LM-500Series Personal Translator And PMP

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"Not man enough to grow a mustache, Zack?" Learn that English phrase and many more with the Eintech LM-500Series personal language tutor and PMP.

Not only does this translator/dictionary provide hours and hours of dialogue lessons, conversational english quizzes, and animation dialogue, there's also the brains of a PMP bolted in. With a 640x480 screen, DivX, XviD, and mpeg4 support, you can be watching "Joanie Loves Chachi" instead of actually doing your studies. You can even listen to MP3s and WMAs while reading the lyrics, which we suppose would teach you some English as well.


Rounding out the package is voice recording, e-book format support, photo album, simple video game support, calculator, stereo speakers, and a qwerty keyboard.

Available in Korea.

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