Ever wake up in a fitful cold sweat with the cutting realization that there're certain areas in your home where you can't watch TV!!??. Then Electronic House's Home of the Year is for you.

Everything associated with this is so deeply stupid I want to cry. From this:

Our Home of the Year sits among the Hollywood Hills, where the stars shine as brightly inside the homes as they do in the night sky.


...to the two flatscreen TVs in the bedroom facing the same direction...

...to the giant plasma screen in the bathroom so the soaking rich fucks within can watch TV instead of looking at the amazing view of the aforementioned gilt Hollywood Hills. It is all controlled by a Crestron automation system, which in turn is controlled by Satan.

But hey, look, one of those three-screened racing simulator things:


And is it a surprise that custom-installer geeks have horrible taste in actual homes? I guess some people like living in a rendered Sharper Image catalog.


But as Silvio Dante once said: "Disgusting" [Electronic House]

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