Electronic Key Impressioner Could Make Car Thieves Very Happy

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Frustrated after seeing his father try to make a replacement car key without the ID code, Steve Randall and Ted Schwarzkopf created the Electronic Key Impressioner. If it works, it could be great news for locksmiths. And maybe thieves too.

The Electronic Key Impressioner plugs into the car keyhole and, after aligning it properly, it connects with a computer via USB, sucking up the code after you select the car type you are trying to crack. For now, it only work for Fords.

The key cloner will only be sold to authorized locksmiths. Randall says that their device will have to connect to the Internet to work, so if it falls into the wrong hands, it could be deactivated remotely. Sadly, if history has told us anything, is that no matter how secure you think your system is, there will always be people capable of cracking it. [Popular Mechanics]

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Thieves can break into your car in about 12 seconds with a good sturdy screwdriver. I'm not too worried about this gizmo.