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Yesterday I ripped on the Hammacher Schlemmer for their lame bike MP3 player. Today I am rummaging through my postal box to pull out my cease and desist selling crappy stuff order.

The electronic music stand allows paperless performances by either scanning your music or downloading it from an 85,000 score library. The image is displayed on a low-glare 12" 1024x768 LCD. Flipping pages is easy with the foot pedal and the stand allows you to make notes via keyboard, stylus or touchscreen. Plus, the unit stores MP3s, setlists and fingering charts, while featuring small bonuses like pitch pipe, midi support and metronome. Apparently the display even has some level of wireless connectivity with PCs and Macs. Sure, $1,400 is a bit of money, but what is the price of never having music soak in a lake of your own spit again ?


Product Page [via therawfeed]