Electronic Newspapers Get Closer: Plastic Logic E-Newspaper To Be Unveiled

Illustration for article titled Electronic Newspapers Get Closer: Plastic Logic E-Newspaper To Be Unveiled

Forget namby-pamby flickering e-ink displays: if Plastic Logic's upcoming electronic paper tech is any good it might actually be the way of the future for newspapers. Due to be unveiled today, Plastic Logic's unnamed device is the size of a sheet of copier paper, about two and half times the screen real-estate of Amazon's Kindle, and is actually aimed at a business environment. But "newspapers is what everyone asks for" says Plastic Logic's CEO: and this makes great sense since the size of the screen would give it a more "authentic" newspapery feel. The plastic-screened gizmo weighs two ounces more than the Kindle, and yet is one third its thickness (as you can see from the image—it's on the left.) We'll have to see how capable the device is when it's revealed... and, more importantly, find out how much it costs. Update: some more data has surfaced.According to Ubergizmo, the device will measure in at 8.5 x 11 inches, and is capable of browsing docments in PDF format as well as Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. As well as packing a battery that lasts "days not hours," the device has wireless connectivity, though Plastic Logic is quiet about exactly what type. [Ubergizmo and NYTimes]


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Would you still call it a newspaper even though it's not really on paper?

I agree with Noobs. Why couldn't they just do this on Kindle or Sony Reader? I agree with annotation as well. It would be nice to select a block and create a bookmark/link, and export that to a text file.