Eli Roth May Direct Warner Bros.' Giant Prehistoric Shark Movie

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After being stuck in development purgatory for twenty years, Warner Bros. is finally moving forward with Meg, about a giant prehistoric shark terrorizing the coast.


Variety reports that Warner Bros. is in talks to have Eli Roth direct the movie based on the 1997 book Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror by Steve Alten. Variety says that the studio liked the script by Dean Georgaris (2004’s Manchurian Candidate) even before Jurassic World’s epic box office take. But I’m sure that it didn’t hurt the project getting off the ground, either.

Also helping getting Meg going is that, while the book had a megalodon terrorizing the California coast, the movie’s moving to the coast of China. Which got them co-financing from Gravity Pictures.

The story has a former-naval-deep-sea-diver-turned-paleontologist who spotted the megalodon on a top secret dive, but is not believed. Hence the studying to become a paleontologist, so he can prove it exists. Then, he and a friend accidentally bring an even bigger one up from the depths. How, well, take a look at this bit from Wikipedia’s synopsis:

A white bioluminescent (millions of years of adapting to the darkness of the trench lead to this evolutionary trait) male megalodon attacks them and kills Tanaka’s son D.J. before being entangled in the metal ropes connecting the submarine to the ship, which start dragging the shark up. However, the male shark’s vulnerable state prompts an even larger female megalodon to emerge and attack it, and as the female rips it apart, she is bathed in the shark’s warm blood as she follows the entangled male upwards, the warm flood of liquid keeping the female protected from the cold water long enough for it to reach the warmer surface waters of the ocean, hence unleashing the megalodon anew on the ocean’s ecosystem.

Also, the female shark is pregnant and it kills the protagonist’s ex-wife. This is going to be amazing. It’s giving me a pretty solid Syfy original movie vibe, so we’ll see how that gets turned into an actual movie with an actual budget.

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So since it’s set in China, I assume that Emma Stone is playing the lead?