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Elon Is Thinking of Changing His Twitter Blue Sales Pitch for iPhone Users to ‘Pay $11’

The change in pricing is likely an attempt by Twitter to offset Apple’s 30% cut of App Store purchases.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A screenshot of Elon Musk's Twitter profile is shown. His profile description reads "Chief Twit."
How does “Pay $11" sound, Apple users?
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Twitter CEO Elon Musk has told users on his platform to pay $8 for its Blue subscription service so many times that it’s hard to imagine him saying anything else. Yet, a week after someone apparently told him that Apple charges a 30% tax on App Store purchases, Musk may be changing his sales pitch for iOS users to “Pay $11.”

According to a new report in The Information, the billionaire has told some employees that the price of Twitter Blue will change depending on which platform people use to buy it. iPhone users, for instance, would pay $11 for the subscription service instead of Musk’s previously announced $8. Users who buy Twitter Blue on the web, meanwhile, will pay $7, according to the outlet. The change in pricing is likely an attempt by Twitter to offset the 30% cut Apple takes from the App Store to users.


It’s not clear what price Twitter would set for Android users, as Google also takes a cut of purchases made in the Play Store. Google charges companies a 15% fee on the first $1 million in make in digital sales. Any sales beyond that are charged a 30% fee. Apple has a similar policy geared towards small businesses.

On Nov. 28, Musk threw a tweet tantrum against Apple and its CEO Tim Cook because they had supposedly, in his view, wronged Twitter. The chief twit claimed that Apple had mostly stopped advertising on Twitter—an area Musk is especially sensitive about lately given how many advertisers are fleeing the platform—and started to rail against Apple’s “secret” 30% tax on in-app purchases. Apple’s policy on in-app purchases has been public knowledge for years.


Cook quickly calmed Musk down by inviting him to Apple headquarters and giving him a tour. According to Musk, Cook also reassured him that Apple was not considering booting Twitter from its App Store.

Twitter no longer has a communications department that Gizmodo can reach out to for comment.