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Elvis Comes Back from Dead to Prove RFID Passports Lack Security

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Hackers have discovered techniques to make backups of RFID passports as well as bypass ePassport RFID authentication at airport passport scanners. Their method, which is publicly available, includes software to design custom identities and convinces scanners to accept fully fabricated RFID chips—neither of which trigger any sort of alarm with "security." And in this clip, Elvis comes back from the dead to scan his passport at an airport to prove it.From the group responsible:

Regardless how good the intention of the government might have been, the facts are that tested implementations of the ePassports Inspection System are not secure. ePassports give us a false sense of security: We are made to believe that they make use more secure. I'm afraid that's not true: current ePassport implementations don't add security at all.

But now that the security loopholes have been demonstrated, we can't possibly keep using ePassports. Err...right guys? [THC Blog via Slashdot]