Eminem and Nancy Drew and The Mystery of The Missing iPod Advertisement

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Apple and Eminem have been on-again off-again enough times to merit a headline in OK! Let's start with the backstory:

The rapper s music publisher, Eight Mile Style, filed a lawsuit against Apple in early 2004, claiming the iPod maker used Lose Yourself in a commercial for the iTunes Music Store without permission. The dispute was settled in May of this year, with Apple agreeing to pay Eminem and Eight Mile Style an undisclosed sum.


Then at the San Jose iPod video unveiling last week, Steve-o let rip an iPod + iTunes commercial featuring Marshall Mathers III in all his angsty rap glory doing a 3D version of "Lose Yourself" along with the fifth generation iPod. The commercial appeared briefly online, and then disappeared again just as quickly—leaving a vacuum that could only be filled with rumors of every sort. Some bloggers speculated that the advert was pulled because of its uncanny resemblance to an old Lugz shoe commercial. Although Apple offered no explanation (what a surprise!), the Eminem spot is now back online and apparently airing on the tube as well. Phew, don't know if I could have survived another episode of Everybody Hates Chris without it.

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