eMirror, eMirror On the Wall, What's the Stupidest iPhone Dock of All?

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I've been at war with fingerprints on my iPhone since day one. And if fingerprints are enough to annoy me, sticking it in this eMirror dock and seeing it subjected to sprayed toothpaste would probably drive me insane.

I'm not against the idea of a little bit of musical accompaniment in the morning, but this bathroom eMirror iPhone/iPod dock places your device dangerously close to the sink, where all manner of grossness gets sprayed about. Toothpaste I could possibly live with, but a popped zit? Shudder.

For $325 the eMirror includes a pair of 10W speakers, comparable in sound quality to a small stereo, and a set of twelve LEDs adorning the frame. While they're eco-friendly, I can't imagine they kick out enough light to be useful for anything other than decoration. I'm not even sure I could look at myself in the eMirror every morning, coming face to face with the person who actually paid money for this thing. [Le Pelican via Born Rich]