Illustration for article titled Enjoy Marshmallow Superiority With This Air-Compressed Bazooka

It might not bring a complete end to your office warfare, but like with nuclear weapons, this marshmallow-blasting Mazooka should bring an uneasy truce for fear of it actually being used. Six AA batteries power a built-in air compressor that generates enough pressure to fire a large marshmallow up to 40 feet—making those manual pump-action mallow shooters seem like nothing but toys.

But mallow-tary superiority doesn't come cheap, adding the Mazooka to your arsenal will set you back $50. However, it does include a flip-out light-up sight that guarantees you'll nail your target. Whether it be those jerks in accounting, or a mug of hot cocoa. [Vat19 via The Awesomer]

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