Enraged Frenchman Smashes iPhones and Fights With Security at Apple Store

Have you ever been so pissed off in an Apple store, filled to the brim with obnoxious teens and clueless old people, that you wanted to smash all of the shiny devices on display? When this frenchman didn’t get his way with Apple customer support, he did exactly that.

It’s not entirely clear why this guy went this guy went on a rampage against these innocent iPhones (missing headphone jack, maybe?), but according to French media reports, he was arrested following his tantrum. He also smashed at least one iMac and multiple MacBooks. The horror!

Another video shows the iPhone murderer fighting with mall security as he grabs their throats and tries to escape. The confrontation with security starts about a minute into the video.

[The Verve via 9To5Mac]


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